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The Rohingya is an ethnic Muslim minority group in Myanmar. These group of people are considered the most oppressed in the world. According to some scholars, the term “Rohingya” is derived from the Arabic word “Rahm” which means mercy. In the 18th century, the Rohingya people has its origin during the arrival of Arab traders in Ramree island, Myanmar. The Myanmar government is afraid of the spread Islam in its country for which they seemingly persecute them so that they leave Myanmar.

The government of Myanmar (GoM) claims that the Rohingya are the Muslim Bengali people who entered into Myanmar illegally from Bangladesh. Myanmar is a pre-dominantly Buddhist country that is why the Myanmar government could buy in the monks to build public support against the Rohingyas. The Rohingya people were always deprived of the human rights. The GoM destroyed the mosques and the schools of Islamic monuments. They faced violence in various ways like rape, starvation and brutality. The Myanmar army, police and even the villagers sexually assaulted the Rohingya women. They were also fired from their jobs and replaced by Bamars. The properties of the Muslims were being seized and given to all Buddhists. The Buddhists were instigated to torture the Rohingya in every way and prove them as terrorists.

Since Myanmar government persecuted the Rohingyas, they fled away from Myanmar and then the Bangladeshi government provided 1.07 million Rohingya shelter in 34 camps and registered them using biometric technology. But unofficially so many unregistered refugees are now staying in Bangladesh. They are malnourished and live an unhygienic lifestyle outside the camp areas. Some of them migrated to Malaysia, Thailand.

The huge number of Rohingya refugees created a lot of problems in Bangladesh. These problems are shortage of food and shelter, deterioration of law and order, maintenance of sanitation in Bangladesh. It is difficult for the government of Bangladesh to provide livelihood facilities to all refugees. The GoM must come forward to protect the human rights of all citizens including the Rohingya people in Myanmar. The international communities should create pressure on GoM so that it takes back Rohingyas.