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Yes you’ve seen it right. These were the last words George Floyd uttered right before he breathed his last when he was apprehended by officer Chauvin. This event shook the entire world and converted peace loving citizens into ‘conscious rebels’, which consequently motivated people to join peaceful protests.

The substance that causes in darkening our skin is called ‘melanin’. Melanin prevents UV rays of the sun. So, the lighter the skin is, the more they are prone to Ultra Violet (UV) radiation. But sometimes this very melanin becomes the reason for some unnatural death though this might sound like a paradox. This has nothing to do with skin cancer; this is rather due to some racist minds.

Racism also termed as “Racialism”, refers to the separate and exclusive races. The basis of Racism does not always have to be on the basis of skin tone. Sometimes it’s a particular religious group or people from a definite territory where multicultural groups are inhabitants. Whatever this racism is, this is none other than some psychological viewpoints or rather some superiority complex, a group of people suffers from. It feels really insulting and disappointing as Homo sapiens that our entire race is being divided on the basis of something which we have no control over. Faults seem to be thicker where love is thinner.  

Racism is not a new term rather it is a term that is being reborn in every single day. If one wanted to look for the origin, one might just get confused. We have freed ourselves from slavery by banning slavery from the entire world and banished the term from our vocabulary. But the ones who could not purify their mindsets, remained vengeful as ever and waged wars of their own. It is a fact that the slave owners have converted into neo-racists and therefore they grab every chance to exploit fellow humans who are not like them in complexion.

German Nazis mercilessly killed the Jews in WWII and there are many cases of injustices written in our shared human history. These racial discrimination were based mostly on faith and ideology. In South Eastern Asian countries, the racial discrimination have seen one of the dirtiest forms of violence and fights, take for example the case of Rohingyas.

Soccer is said to be the most viewed sport where racism has also visited. From English Premier League to Italian Serie A, from the German Bundesliga to Spanish La Liga everywhere star players got racially abused. Some even left the pitch being distraught. Mario Balotelli, the Ghanaian born Italian striker broke out into tears being racially abused. German international Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil denied playing for the German national team being heavily criticised for meeting the Turkish president of his parent’s country of origin. The black team members of England faced monkey chants from the stands when England faced Bulgaria in an international friendly hosted by Bulgaria. Some of the fans wore black hoodies and the monkey chants were so prominently heard from the stands that the match officials at a point had to warn the Bulgarian team and their supporters that if the behaviour of the supporters were not proper their team might be forced to forfeit. Even the skipper of the Bulgarian national football team was pissed off with his supporters. FIFA is always very strict and conscious about these poor casualties. Just to remind the soccer fans that there is no place for racism in FIFA, the highest authority as well as UEFA, the European Football Association ensured that before every international and important club completions the saying, “SAY NO TO RACISM” is knitted on every jersey, printed on banners before the game starts.

Ashwin Willemse, a retired rugby player and commentator, spoke out against racism and was psychologically bullied and attacked in the media. South African cricketer Makhaya Ntini told that his teammates didn’t spoke to before the matches. Even though they played for the same team represented the dame country he was always excluded from plans. In order to escape this uncomfortable situation he avoided traveling in team bus rather preferred to run all the way to the practice arena.

Racism is prevalent in almost every country in the world. It led to many meaningless unsolved bloodshed. Statistics shows that countries with conservative societies are more subjected to this where the majority takes an advantage to impose unlawful inhumane activities on its minority. Only time will say whether the protagonists of racism will take some lessons from this or not. If not, their false superiority complex might lead them to their own annihilation. We must not forget that UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE LOSE.