The US Response to Ukraine

The US Response to Ukraine: Shocking? By Evan Robinson It is historically difficult to place the United States into one foreign policy domain. Recent memory will remind us of the ideas of former Vice President Dick Cheney, who believed it was the US’ role to protect citizens from “evil leaders and undemocratic systems,” serving as […]

Russian referendum

Russian Referendums By Evan Robinson Last month, four regions of Ukraine (Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhya) “voted” to formally separate from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation. At first glance, this may appear as the proper democratic process required to resolve territorial disputes internationally. After all, referendums on territorial legitimacy happen all the time–––think Catalonia, […]

Ukraine counter offensive update

Institute for the Study of War & Critical Threats Interactive Map: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine This interactive map complements the static control-of-terrain maps that ISW daily produces with high-fidelity and, where possible, street level assessments of the war in Ukraine. Click the link below Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 4 The Ukrainian counteroffensive is […]

Is Ukraine Really Winning?

Is Ukraine Really Winning? By: Evan Robinson In recent weeks, you may have heard someone ask; is Ukraine really winning the war? This is a complicated question without a definitive answer. Indeed, Ukraine, in recent weeks, has taken back territory that Russia previously occupied, and President Zelensky made a monumental visit to such territory, signifying […]

Disinformation: As Told By a Russian–An Interview: By Evan Robinson

In recent months I was fortunate enough to interview a Russian individual. Due to security concerns, the individual wishes to be identified as John Doe, and for the purposes of this piece, they will be referred to as such.  Mr. Doe is not your typical Russian. His intellect and thinking are western in nature, and […]

Having allies matter in disinformation fight

Winning friends and influencing Russians: Three audiences the US should target The power to sway public opinion is an increasingly essential asset in any state’s toolkit. The war in Ukraine provides a clear example: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has successfully targeted his appeals at specific Western audiences to strengthen global support for his country. But […]

Zelensky and his challenges

Zelensky: A Ukrainian Hero Under Russian Attack It is not often we see the world fall in love with a politician. The case of President Volodymyr Zelensky is therefore extraordinary, as his daily addresses to the Ukrainian people inspire all citizens to stand behind Ukraine during Russia’s invasion. Zelensky’s resilience to remain in Ukraine, despite […]

About Foreign Fighters in Ukraine

Foreign Fighters in Ukraine: The Truth and Consequences Behind the Phenomenon What draws one to battle? As the war in Ukraine has progressed, more and more foreign fighters have come to the country to fight on the side of Ukraine. The fighters’ backgrounds vary from trained paramedics and ex-military officers to white supremacists and Neo-Nazis. […]

About Wagner Group

The Wagner Group: A Brief Summary The Wagner Group is a Russian paramilitary organization comprised of mercenary soldiers recruited from retired Russian military personnel. Although the Wagner Group is, prima facie, a private military organization, interest in this group often derives from the close relationship between the Wagner Group and the Russian government, specifically regarding […]