Harmony, Conflict, Peacebuilding and Community Career College Inc.

Conflict and Resilience Research Institute Canada (CRRIC) has decided to open a private career college in Ontario for several key reasons. In addition to addressing the gap in practical training, fostering community resilience, meeting the growing demand for skilled workers, and promoting social cohesion and inclusion, the college will also support CRRIC’s ongoing volunteer work.
The application to operate in ON is being finalized now.

Tentative location: Unit 19, 1107 Lorne Park, Road, Mississauga, ONL5H 3A1 . Tel647-7398801.

Fostering Community Resilience

The career college aligns with CRRIC’s vision to build resilient communities. By providing education and career-oriented programs, CRRIC aims to equip students with the skills to become effective personal support workers, social workers, community organizers, and other roles that support conflict resolution and resilience building. These programs will create a workforce that can address societal challenges at the local level.

Meeting Growing Demand for Skilled Workers

Ontario faces a growing demand for skilled workers in various sectors, including healthcare, social work, and community support. By establishing a career college, CRRIC can contribute to meeting this demand, creating opportunities for individuals to pursue rewarding careers while addressing community needs. This college can also become a talent pipeline for other organizations that work with CRRIC, reinforcing partnerships and advancing their shared goals.

Promoting Social Cohesion and Inclusion

CRRIC is committed to promoting social cohesion and inclusion. Through the career college, they can create an inclusive environment where students from diverse backgrounds learn and collaborate, fostering greater understanding and reducing polarization. The focus on practical training allows students to engage with real-world issues, furthering CRRIC’s goal of building harmonious and resilient communities.

Supporting Volunteer Efforts

CRRIC has a long-standing commitment to community engagement through its volunteer programs. Opening a career college provides a platform to channel the enthusiasm and expertise of students into structured volunteer efforts. This college can serve as a hub for volunteer activities, allowing students to apply their skills in real-world settings while supporting CRRIC’s mission to promote peacebuilding and resilience. This approach enhances CRRIC’s volunteer initiatives by integrating a new generation of trained professionals who can contribute to community projects, outreach programs, and other charitable endeavors​ (CRRIC)​.

To empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to navigate conflict, foster harmony, and build resilient communities, transforming aspirations into lifelong achievements.
To be a pioneering force in community-centered education, providing innovative, experiential learning that bridges the realms of conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and community engagement on a global scale.
  • Harmony: Fostering a culture of collaboration, understanding, and unity.
  • Conflict Resolution: Emphasizing empathy, dialogue, and constructive problem-solving.
  • Peacebuilding: Promoting healing, reconciliation, and positive growth.
  • Community Engagement: Nurturing connections, respect, and shared responsibility.
  • Inclusive Education: To provide accessible and diverse educational programs that equip students with practical skills in conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and community development.
  • Global Outreach: To establish partnerships and collaborations with organizations worldwide, enhancing our impact and influence in the fields of harmony, conflict, and peacebuilding.
  • Experiential Learning: To create immersive learning experiences that blend theory with real-world application, encouraging students to actively engage with their communities.
  • Digital Integration: To leverage technology and digital platforms to enhance learning, foster collaboration, and connect with a global network of peacebuilders and community leaders.
  • Ethical Leadership: To uphold the values of integrity, respect, and caring in all our interactions, guiding our students to become responsible and compassionate leaders.