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Juvenile delinquency means involving to any type of crime or unlawful behavior by the young people who are under the age of 18. Some examples of delinquent acts are underage drinking alcohols, skipping schools, smoking cigarettes. There are some other acts which are less serious to nature but considered as crime if they are above 18 years old. For instance: fighting, petty theft, vandalism. If a crime done by someone who are under 18 are not punished rather they are sent to psychological center for counselling.
When I used to study in school I had a friend who were involved with these juvenile delinquent acts. He had an attitude of controlling everyone. Everyone was so scared of him that he had no friends. But I was so interested to know how he got involved to such activities. That’s why, I started trying to become his friend and somehow I became his good friend gradually. Afterwards, I got that he became like this because of mixing up with bad companion. His parents were always busy with their job for which they could not give him proper guideline. Firstly, he mixed up with the bad companion of his neighborhood. Then he started making connection with others. In this way, he was badly influenced by the bad companion. One day he fought with his classmate very badly in school but this was not the ending. He called his bad companions after the school hour and beat his classmate brutally. The teacher complaint about this incident to his parents and even to the principal of the school. His parents were so worried about him. Then one of our class teacher suggested his parents to consult a clinical psychologist. The psychologist explained what juvenile delinquency is to his parents. He tried to make him understand about the consequences of this way of life. He told him that because of having this lifestyle he had no friends in his life. He also informed him the importance of friends in life.
After some days my friend started realizing everything. He understood the bad consequence of following this path. His parents were also very cautious and started taking good care of him. They brought his grandparents at home so that they can teach him the moral values and religious values. His life was changing gradually because he abandoned the bad company and he concentrated more on his studies. Since he was nice to everyone he had a lot of friends. Now he understands the importance of friends in life. Nowadays, when we meet each other he laughs at himself what he used to do earlier.
Those who are under the age of 18 are not considered as criminal even if they commit crime like fighting, theft, etc. These acts are juvenile delinquency. At this time, they can be involved to many crimes or influenced by bad companion. The parents should be cautious so that they do not involve themselves into these acts. They should inform them about the consequence of these activities in their future.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]