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Bullying is a Crime

Bullying is a violence and abusive act. It is defined as a harmful verbal, physical, psychological, social act which is committed by an individual or a group. Those who bully use their power to harm others by their physical strength or popularity. The weak people in the society or in the classroom always become the victim of bully. Bullying includes various types of actions such as making threats, spreading rumours, attacking someone verbally or physically. Bullying to someone leads to depression, anxiety, suicidal desire day by day.
Bullying is a matter of public health and educational issue. In schools it creates a fear and pain among the students in classroom, playground. If proper discipline is not established in the school then bullying will exist. The students who are physically strong or have popularity would try to harm others physically or mentally and this is termed as bullying. Because of this bullying a fear is created among the students. This fear often leads to depression and anxiety which greatly affects the educational issue of the students. Being depressed it can turn out both as a suicide or being a criminal.
When I was in school I saw many students practicing bullying by harming others physically or mentally. Especially, the students who were weak used to be the victim of bullying. In my school, there were a group of students who always used to torment one of my friend. In the tiffin period, they used to eat his food forcefully. They always enjoyed provoking him all the time during the class as well. The boy was so decent to complain about this to the teacher. But one day it exceeded the limit that the boy had to complain to the teacher. But the teacher did not make the proper judgement for which they never stopped bullying him. So, this made him to choose alternative way. That decent boy started mixing with bad company to punish them. Ultimately, those group started fearing him but this decent boy got himself involved into a different world. This affected his academic performance badly and his lifestyle got changed. He started being a criminal day by day. This is how, if proper steps are not taken the life of a student may change.
I have also seen people bullying over internet. Sometimes, they try to provoke other by expressing their personal information which is very embarrassing. Someone can tolerate while someone can never tolerate this type of activity. In the social media, if someone is bullied then it gets embarrassing infront of all his acquaintances. There are many people who even committed suicide because of being victim of this crime. Bullying is a serious crime which affects both physical and mental health. Everyone is not mentally strong enough to tolerate this bad practice and thus commit suicide. Especially, in schools and colleges bullying should be strictly prohibited. The government and the NGOs should also come forward regarding this issue so that nobody can do this in anywhere.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]