Dr. Lorraine Otoide is an experienced STEM educator and researcher with a Ph.D. in Science Education.

Dr. Lorraine Otoide is an experienced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) educator and researcher with a Ph.D. in Science Education. She has taught at various education levels and currently works as an Adjunct Professor at York University and is a Policy Education Officer in International Education for the Ontario Ministry of Education. Dr. Otoide has a wealth of experience in K-12 education, having served as a primary/junior/intermediate classroom teacher, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, and Coordinator for the UNESCO Associated Schools Network in Ontario. Her international work includes designing and implementing STEAM/STEM professional development courses for educators in China and co-developing and teaching the Mathematics, Science, and Technology curriculum for the Borderless Higher Education for Refugees (BHER) initiative, which delivered university courses, diplomas, and international degree opportunities to Dadaab refugee camp teachers and townspeople.

Dr. Otoide is passionate about community projects and organizations focused on youth and girls’ education. She founded the Citizen Girls-Youth in Action program to empower Canadian and Nigerian girls through collaborative learning sessions that build political and civic leadership skills. Dr. Otoide’s leadership and contributions to education were recognized with the Endeavour Executive Leadership Award from the Australian Government in 2019 and a nomination in 2016 by the U.S. Consulate in Toronto to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program for Women in STEM.