Karina Denysyuk was born in  Western Ukraine, at that time it was a part of the Soviet Union. She grew up in Chernivtsi  City, a  town located not far from the Romanian border.  In 1997 Karina obtained a Civil Engineering Degree from the Chernintsy Polytechnic College. In 2002 Karina Denysyuk moved to Portugal and lived […]


Evan is a fourth-year political science student at the University of Winnipeg, particularly fascinated with foreign policy. Evan joined the project due to his interest in the Russian-Ukraine War and his concerns about the effects of Russian disinformation on communities around the west. He will be helping this project in a volunteer role and looks […]


Mark Alexiuk studied electrical and computer engineering at the University of Manitoba. His graduate work applied machine learning to problems in convective storm cell classification (MSc 1999) and exploratory data analysis of  functional magnetic resonance imaging studies (fMRI) (PhD 2007). He is the author of a number of technical conference and journal papers and is named as […]