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A Collaborative Approach to Nature Triggered Emergency Management: Reflections from the Past Events

On July 19th, 2022, 12PM (CDT) Conflict and Resilience Research Institute Canada (CRRIC) organized the webinar as a part of Mobilizing Insights for Defence and Security (MINDS) project, titled as “A Collaborative Approach to Nature Triggered Emergency Management: Reflections from the Past Events”.
The key points of the Event were as follows:
• Welcome greetings by Dr. Kawser Ahmed to the speakers and participants
• Inauguration speech by Dr. C. Emdad Haque
• Presentation By Dr. Jack L. Rozdilsky on the topic of policy for Involvement of Armed forces during emergency
• Presentation By Dr. Christopher Ankersen on the topic of the areas of Military response in Emergency Management
• Presentation By Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Chris Bowen,Former on “1997 Red River flood and military involvement”
• The discussants reflected upon their personal experiences and memories regarding the topic
• The event ended with the Question-and-Answer session or open discussion session

Thematic Areas of the discussions and presentation are as follows:
o The acceptance of involvement of armed forces and how it can be integrated
o Available Legal frameworks and approaches of military integration in Emergency management
o Legal and political challenges of military integration in Emergency management
o Command, control, and resource mobilization procedure during an emergency
o Importance of a collaborative approach
Dr. Nriupama concluded the event with her epilogue where she mentioned about the adaptation of policy, learnings from 1997 flood, how existing policy and institutions can adapt for resilience in a larger scale.
Following distinguished Guests were in attendance during the webinar:
• Dr. Jack L. Rozdilsky, Associate Professor, Disaster & Emergency Management, York University
• Dr. Christopher Ankersen, Clinical Professor, Center for Global Affairs,New York University School of Professional Studies
• Chris Bowen, Lieutenant Colonel (retired), Former Air Combat Systems Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force
Dr. C. Emdad Haque, Professor, Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba and Dr. Nirupama Agrawal, Professor ,Disaster & Emergency Management, York University conducted the proceeding of the Event; while Dr. Kawser Ahmed (Adjunct Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Winnipeg) moderated the webinar