About us

Mobilizing Insights in Defense and Security (MINDS) is a program by the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces’ (DND/CAF). The program aims to strengthen the foundation of DND with collaborationacademia and other experts for evidenced-based policymaking.

Strong, Secure, Engaged calls for concrete steps to enhance the Defence Team’s ability to anticipate and understand threats, challenges and opportunities. Leveraging the expertise of Canada’s defence and security expert community through MINDS is central to meeting this objective.MINDS offers a variety of unique tools by which the Defence Team can engage external experts and access high calibre research and expertise. MINDS offers different means for DND/CAF to access relevant, timely expertise that incorporate a diversity of viewpoints and provides well-rounded advice.

As the Nature triggered events are increasing with time due to climate change and human activities. The aggressiveness of Nature can be seen by the past few evens where nature triggered catastrophes breaking the previous records. Preparedness is the key to minimize the impact of these catastrophes. As these events overwhelms the capacity of a certain area for which external resources are required to mobilize. Military resources and assistancehave been mobilized during catastrophic events by many governments around the world and it is an increasing practice with time as the events are more frequent.

Canadian Defence and Security Network (CDSN) has been assigned for the implementation for this project and Conflict and Resilience Research Institute Canada (CRRIC) is working on theNature Triggered events and role of Defense forceswhich is component of MINDS project as a partner of CDSN in Collaboration with University of Manitoba and York University.


Our mission is to create evidence for policy making for the Department ofNational Defence and Canadian Armed Forces for the Nature Triggered events and strengthen the foundation of Department of National Defense.


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