Maqsood Al-Kabir


Maqsood Al-Kabir is an independent international development professional and an editorial/opinion writer on the issues such as forced migration, mental health, human rights, etcetera. He is proactive in human rights activism in Australia and internationally. He is currently the Executive Director of the Australian Institute for Peace and Dialogue Incorporated, the Project Director and Executive Producer of World Voice Films & Media Project, and the former Chief Executive and Public Officer of the Diversity Australia Inc. He was also the Director of the SAVE Inc., the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Australian Human Rights Newsletter. Maqsood is a long-standing member of the National Press Club of Australia and a General Member of the Swiss Australian Academic Network (SAAN), a winner of the Edmund Rice Centre Annual Human Rights Award in 2002, a nominee for the National Human Rights Award, and a recipient of a commendation for the work of AusNews Global Network in 2003. Maqsood presented at the United Nations in the inaugural 'International Migration Review Forum (IMRF)', attended the hearing and conference as a stakeholder in May 2022, and contributed to strategy, stakeholder management inclusion, and formulating pledges. He often participates in high-profile policy meetings with the United Nations and different funding agencies as an independent international development professional. In the past, he has also worked in various capacities in Munich, London, Geneva, and a few other European cities.