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Project IDEa (identify, de-mystify, and empower): Countering Disinformation on UkrainianConflict

Funder: Department of Heritage, Government of Canada Digital Citizen Contribution Program -Canada.ca

Duration: April 2022-March 2023 (12months)

Locatio: Manitoba

This project supports Government of Canada's following program objectives:

1. Helping to develop the tools and skills necessary to better equip Canadians in the face ofdisinformation and other related online harms and threats to our country’s democracy andsocialcohesion
2. Building capacity to address disinformation and other related online harms and threats toour country’s democracy and social cohesion through expert knowledge, enhancedcooperationandknowledgetransfertokeygovernmentandcivilsocietystakeholders
3. Empowering Canadians to take steps to mitigate against the potential impact ofdisinformation and other related online harms and threats to our country’s democracy andsocialcohesion

Project Description

Project IDEa (identify, de-mystify, and empower) aims to counter Russian disinformation campaign related to the Ukraine War propagating through online social media as well as mainstream print and electronic platforms.

The objective of the project is to equip Ukrainian Canadians with the ability to locate disinformation, share the information with the experts, combat disinformation with authenticate information to build capacity to support creative engagement activities in countering disinformation and related online harms and threats to Canada’s democracy and social cohesion.

Project IDEa has three parts, 1) analyze and determine trends and propaganda through artificial intelligence (AI) driven tools; 2) de-mystify propaganda through subject matter experts by podcasts; and 3) empower young Ukrainian diaspora through education by arranging workshops.

This project will work with disinformation experts throughout its duration.
First, experts will be consulted to determine what strategies and information should be used to inform the communities the project engages with.
Second, experts will be invited to present at workshops and to be interviewed for podcasts and blog posts.

Engagement with experts throughout the project will be essential to ensure the project is kept up-to-date with the latest disinformation tools and innovations. As creators of disinformation seekwaystomake false information appear legitimate, it will be crucial to stay up-to-date.

Project Deliverables

1. 25 Podcasts
2. 5 webinars
3. 5 Work shops
4. AI driven tools to pick up disinformation from va

Rious online source Contact Persons:
Project lead: Kawser Ahmed, PhD (kawser.ahmed@crric.org)
Research and Project Coordinator: Kwadwo Kyei-Poakwah(kyeipoak@crric.org)